Introducing Bible Quizzing

Bible Quizzing is a ministry developed for young people to learn and grow in the knowledge of God’s word. Alongside the spiritual benefits, quizzing develops character, discipline, and intellect. Teams comprised of ages 6-18 learn pre-determined Scriptures and compete against other teams locally and even nationally. 

Quizzers must learn 160 to over 500 verses and from these verses be able to answer multiple part, cross-reference, and quotation questions. Though extremely competitive, its Christ centered nature helps quizzers develop a deep love and respect for the Word of God. In a Handbook for New Coaches, the Texas District Sunday School Committee states, “No other program sponsored by the United Pentecostal Church can claim a higher percentage of participants who remain faithful to God and the Church than can Bible quizzing. Statistics reveal that, of those who spend at least three consecutive years in a quizzing program, 90% never leave the church, and 70% of the small minority who do leave eventually return." (A Handbook for New Coaches produced by the Texas District Sunday School Committee, page 7.) 

Involvement in bible quizzing is an investment in the salvation and overall growth of young people.


  • Structure of Teams/Ages

    • Beginner: 6-8 yrs old (must be 8 on January 1st of the quiz year).

    • Junior: 9-11 yrs old (must be 11 on January 1st of the quiz year).

    • Intermediate Senior: Must be 12 and no older than 14 on January 1st of the quiz year OR can be 15-18 if this is their 1st year to quiz.

  • Team Calendar

    • July 15 - Baking Fundraiser

    • August 19 - Lunch Fundraiser

    • September 9 - Orientation Day

  • Items available for purchase (this information will be available when the BQ season material is released)

  • Coaches in each division:

    • Beginner - Faith Morton

    • Junior - Kimberly Rhindress

    • Intermediate Senior - Nwanna Ifendu

  • Social Media Accounts: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contact Information


God has a calling to Arise for the youth of this generation. Bible Quizzing is a ministry that will equip you for the journey.